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Stray dog menace a serious issue, must be dealt with urgently: Delhi HC.

05:51 AM, Saturday,16 September 2023

The stray dog menace is a serious issue and needs to be addressed urgently by the city authorities, the High Court observed in an order last month. The court asked the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to take appropriate action to deal with the issue of attacks by stray dogs.

Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma made the remarks while quashing two FIRs against a woman, a philanthropist and an animal lover, for allegedly feeding some dogs that attacked her neighbour and his father in 2014.

The woman, in her plea, submitted that she is an animal lover who regularly feeds stray dogs and pups in her neighbourhood. The dogs that attacked the complainants were not the ones she fed, the woman said in her plea, adding that she could not have any control over the stray dogs.

Noting that the two parties have decided to “amicably settle all their disputes”, Justice Sharma, in his August 24 order, said, “I do not see any reason to reject the settlement. However, the stray dog menace is a serious issue which needs to be addressed with urgency by the concerned authorities. Let a copy of this order be sent to Commissioner, MCD, for appropriate action.”